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Dr. Steinberg's Seminars (dates and times listed below) and private sessions are attended across the country by a wide spectrum of family Caregivers and health care professionals. Some of the topics covered by Dr. Steinberg include:

- Common destructive myths about aging and
  long term care.

- Behavioral signs of Dementia (i.e., behavioral traits,
  such as repetition of stories or questions).

- Diagnosing Dementia (e.g., Dr. Steinberg's
  Assessment questionnaire).

- Identifying and diagnosing Depression in the elderly.

- Differentiating Dementia and Depression.

- Dealing with loss: physical and mental decline,
  loss of independence, family/peer group loss.

- Coping with behavioral issues related to Dementia.

- "Memory" medications commonly used to
  address memory loss as an adjunct treatment.

- Psychological problems commonly seen in older adults.

Some Truths Revealed in Dr. Steinberg’s Seminars:
(dates and times listed at bottom of page)

1. A person you know and love may be slipping away or may "no longer be there".

2. Proper evaluation is key, and you need help in recognizing the difference between normal aging and cognitive decline so you can help to accurately diagnose, support, and care for your loved one.

3. You need to answer your own questions and preconceptions about Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of Dementia in order to more meaningfully and effectively address whether your loved one has Alzheimer’s Disease or another type of Dementia. This helps you face your loved one's true condition more realistically, rather than weigh you down with false hope.

4. The process of discovering the truth about Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia is like a light from a lighthouse that takes you out of the darkness of your own misconceptions.

As a person progresses through the stages of Alzheimer's Disease, there are clear changes that occur - psychological, cognitive, and behavioral. Caregivers struggle to 1) see and 2) accept these changes, which are integral to providing meaningful and invaluable care. In his Seminars, Dr. Steinberg explains, in detail, how to overcome these personal struggles.

Please to offer seminar topics that would be important to you, such as questions about Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of Dementias which you have not yet been able to get adequately addressed, or to find out more about a Seminar near you.

Your decision to attend will dramatically and positively impact you and your loved one’s life.

Below are dates and locations for upcoming
seminars by Roy Steinberg, Ph.D.

Dr. Steinberg in counseling session with caregiver and loved one

    If you would like more information
    to email Dr. Steinberg.

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    Tel  609.458.2540

In a moving and easy to read format, Dr. Steinberg has laid out a true caregiver's guide to dealing with Alzheimer's disease, from the first signs to the final stages.  

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